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In the spring of 2003 came to us a Bichon like NO other!! I have never had the pleasure of knowing a dog with such a huge sense of humor as "Ch. Acres Away On Nash's Islind". Bred by Jackie Westcott, he is a tail-wagging bundle of joy! Nash lives with a great family in B.C. now. Below is his puppy picture, 3 years and 4 years, 2007 - gorgeous fellow! Thanks to Cec for the last 2 pictures - his new family appreciates his sense of humor!

Born Nov.21, 2002 Reno X Fancy litter at 6 weeks
(Ch.Judges Choice High Ridge Righton X Ch.Islind's Something About Fancy)
The girls (left) Georgia (right) Rollie

And the boys, (left) Diesel, (right) Yoda


Here is Billy X Breeze kids born March 12/97. They are one week old here.

They just 'think' they're cute (: (they are 5 weeks here)

Here's Bud - at age 10 weeks - still 'thinks' he's cute!

Now, in the new milenium, here is LITTER 2000! They are BIILY X FANCY kids..
The 'chocolate bar' litter...

This is 'Sweet Marie' at age 4 weeks.

And here is 'Icy Square'(Ice), and yes, he thinks he's cute (-:

Ice - now 11 weeks and looking promising.....

Click here to see Ice's pedigree

2001 - a gorgeous litter of 4! Ch. Balladair Follow Your Dreams X Ch. Islind's Something About Fancy
Below is Kia, who resides in BC now.